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At X-Designer Breeds, we take pride in crafting exceptional puppies that embody the perfect blend of health, temperament, and exquisite beauty. Our dedicated breeding program focuses on creating unique, loving companions by carefully selecting and pairing dogs from top pedigrees. 

With a strong commitment to ethical breeding practices, our puppies are raised in a nurturing environment where they receive the best care, socialization, and early training. . Our goal is to provide families with loyal and affectionate companions that bring joy and happiness to their lives.

Our Breed Specialties


Despite being X-Designer Breeds, the majority of our puppies are toy breed purebreds. We primarily focus on Maltese and Toy Poodle breeds. We do have a special order system where we obtain special orders for Yorkies and Pomeranians from foreign breeder partners in South Korea and China. Our purebred puppies are 100 percent purebred and have undergone genetic and health testing.



Designer breeds, commonly referred to as hybrids, combine two or more breeds to produce the ideal furry friend. The majority of our designer breeds have a poodle as their primary parent, with the other parent either being a maltese, which produces a maltipoo, a yorkie, which produces a yorkiepoo, or a maltese and yorkie, which produces a morkie.


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Happy Faces


We would not be complete if we did not share the stories of some of our happy families.

"I'm so glad I found Xyon. He was responsive, answered any questions/concerns and was opened to a video chat to make sure I was getting what I wanted. We ended up falling in love with not 1, but 2 sibling pups. You can tell the puppies were well cared for and loved because they are the most playful and affectionate babies. My family is complete and I'm grateful for Xyon!"
"After months and months of struggling to find a puppy online, I finally found this page and got my first ever puppy from here! The breeder is super nice and friendly. Since this is my first ever pup, I had tons and tons of silly questions and he answered all of them in details without any hesitation. You can tell that he takes really good care of all of his dogs because they look so happy and healthy"
Sumaita Sabaha
From the time I initially reached out to inquire about my dog; Xyon has been more than helpful. I was a little hesitant because we were online and states away but he FaceTimed me so I can see Bentley. He met me when I flew into Texas and even now he answers questions I may have. If I can I would get another dog from X designer breeds
Janell H.



We carefully select and pair dogs from top pedigrees to create exceptional genetically compatible and healthy puppies. Purebreds are 100% and are registrable through CKC or AKC.


We prioritize ethical breeding, ensuring the well-being and health of our dogs at every stage of their lives. We have put in place a 2-year congenital health guarantee for all our puppies.


Our puppies are raised in a loving and nurturing environment, receiving early socialization and training for well-rounded development.


Our goal is to exceed your expectations by providing loyal, affectionate companions that bring joy and happiness to your family. Since puppy ownership is a lifetime commitment you will never be left without all your curious questions answered. 

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