Customer Referral Program

X-Designer Breeds understands the value of customer appreciation. With this in mind, we have decided to implement a Customer Referral Program. 


A member who adopts a puppy from our program and refers a family/friend who successfully adopts a puppy, will be rewarded with:

  1. *A referral reward of $50 per new customer referred or 
  2. A $250 discount on the adoption of a second puppy from a future litter.

*This reward is valid for a maximum of 10 referred customers who successfully adopt a puppy (Total value of $500) 

In order to qualify for this reward, each applicant must:

  • State in their puppy application form on line>> referred by (your name) in order to keep track of the referral. 
  • Each referral must submit a puppy application form on
  • The program is open to all past adoptees
  • If the program is visible on the website, it is still active.

Conditions Apply

  1. Rewards are paid out on the last day of the 3rd month from the adoption date of the referred customer. (This is to ensure that each member who adopts would have had their puppy for at least 3 months).
  2. Complete an honest Google review within those 3 months.
  3. Submit updated photographs of you and your puppy.
  4. Like and follow our Facebook, Instagram as well as TikTok pages.