Pet Transportation Services

We know that sometimes a busy schedule can get in the way of picking up your puppy in person, or you may live within a distance that is inconceivable to actually travel to pickup your pup. To solve this problem, we have set in place this service for your convenience! 


If you are located within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, then this is by far the most simplest form of delivery. We offer a complimentary delivery within a 30 minute driving distance from Downtown Dallas. 

For those individuals who live a bit further out, then we have pricing options for delivery based on timed distance. We could meet halfway or we could cover the full delivery distance based on your preference.

Door To Door Delivery Service

  • For 30 mins to an hour- $100
  • Every 30 mins after will be $50


Flight deliveries will be dependent on an approximation to your nearest airport. Send us this information and how soon you would like your puppy and we will give you quotes to deliver based on flights leaving the DFW airport around the given date period.

Please be mindful, that each flight’s quote will be inclusive of the airline’s pet fee to have the pet in-cabin, along with any lodging costs if a same-day return flight is not available.

Shipping of Korean Puppies

option one


Only after the last payment for your puppy is made and verified will your puppy be transported to an international airport near you where Pet Cargo is available, usually within 3 to 4 weeks (depending on the destination and the current size of the puppy).

For the aforementioned airports: LAX, LAS, MIA, ORD, SFO, SEA, IAD, DFW, ATL, YYZ, and YVR, Pet Cargo’s transportation costs are on us. If there are no direct Pet Cargo flights to your city, you must hire an inflight nanny (for which we can give you a direct quote). The price of an in-flight nanny varies depending on the location. We personally offer those services, so we can prepare a quote for you which is not included in the puppy’s purchase price.

There is a specific area in the aircraft reserved for pets if you choose Pet Cargo. The environment in this area is secure and comfortably warm. Following the reservation of the flight, you will receive a call from us and the airline that will be transporting your puppy. This call will include complete information about the shipping procedure and instructions on how to pick up your puppy at your location. The most popular method for transporting our puppies is via Pet Cargo. Since we began using this delivery method, we have had no incidents and all of our previous puppies have been delivered on time.

option two


The Nanny Service is a requirement for any non-direct flights and will incur additional fees depending on the location in order to keep your puppy safe.

From pick-up to delivery, one of our capable and kind nannies will provide your puppy the best care possible. Anywhere in the world can request to have the puppy delivered using this service.

The in-flight nanny’s availability determines when the puppy would be delivered. There is an option for express in-flight nanny delivery. Request a quote from us.